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    Patios, Carports, and Re-guttering and fascia


    A Patio is assured to be an outdoor entertainment area which you’ll take advantage of for years and years to come. 

    Perfect for everyday outdoor dining, cooking, social gatherings, plus unwinding in the great Australian climate.

    Over The Top Roofing can design and install a range of patio designs including flat roof, pitched roof or even a mix of both styles with our Designer patio options. Choose from different styles and roof profiles including Insulated roofing to keep cool in Summer and create a stunning visually aesthetic outdoor area at your home.


    A Carport custom-designed using COLORBOND® steel roofing and beams will be a functional, attractive feature of your home. 

    Along with being ideal for protecting your vehicle or boat from the elements it also doubles to be used as a multipurpose area for outdoor living.

    Available in a range of designs including flat roof carports, pitched roof carport or a mix of both styles our Designer carport options are manufactured using COLORBOND® steel with multiple colour choices and options to suit any home or architectural style


    Over The Top Roofing is the gutter specialist on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane.

    We will remove and dispose of existing guttering, supply and fit Colorbond gutters using gal brackets or spikes, screws and quality sealants, string line to fit and correct falls for maximum water flow to gutters.

    Why choose a COLORBOND® steel gutter?

    • Guaranteed not to flake, peel or blister on the exterior paint finish
    • Warranty for 10 years from when it was installed
    • Low maintenance
    • Outstanding durability
    • Looks great
    • Available in a wide range of shapes and colours to suit any roof design
    • Colorbond steel gutter profiles

      Gutters, downpipes and general rainwater products are very important assets on any home as a large volume of water falls on all roof areas.

      There are a wide range of profiles and colours available to suit anyone's creative requirements. Listed below are the most commonly used in both the residential and commercial sectors.

      Square-line gutter

      Square-line gutter is a square front gutter that is slotted and needs to be folded around corners, eliminating the use of external angles and fixed with concealed brackets.

      It is ideal for garages and carports as it hides the end or roof sheets, and it provides a stylish accessory to any home or building.

      Leaf protection and Gutter Guard

      Blue Mountain Mesh® is an innovative ALL STEEL mesh system that prevents leaves and debris entering gutters. The mesh fits from the top outside edge of the gutter across the gutter section, and is then attached to the roof surface. This creates a platform that suspends leaves and debris above the roof gutter, allowing the majority of flammable material build-up to be blown away by wind action.

      • Blue Mountain Mesh® prevents blocked gutters and downpipes that can cause flooding and damage to the home. By keeping roof gutters clean and clear of leaf build-up, Blue Mountain Mesh® ensures gutters dry out quickly after rain.
      • Dry gutters last longer, require less maintenance and eliminate potential mosquito breeding habitats.
      • Blue Mountain Mesh® can be easily removed and reinstalled if gutters are to be replaced.
      • Blue Mountain Mesh® not only keeps out debris, but it also prevents vermin from entering the roof and ceiling area of the home. It even prevents the loss of stray backyard cricket balls and toys!


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      Roof fascia capping

      Our residential roofing experts will supply and fit specially made fascia capping to fit tight over existing timber fascia on gutter lines and gable ends.This will protect from further damage, prolong the life of what already exists and modernise the look of the fasciae.

      Wall cladding

      If your existing timber/fibro walls are looking tired and are in need of modernising, you may wish to consider using Colorbond BlueScope Steel as your choice of colour to give a new look. The existing timber/fibro would be removed and then wall insulation would be fitted. Residential roofing experts from Over The Top Roofing would then fit BlueScope Steel to the wall using class 4 screws including custom-made flashings to keep water tight.


      Over the Top Roofing CAN supply ROOF INSULATION 

      Roof insulation Australian Made product Extra heavy duty R3.5 4mm thickness, will not deteriorate over time like other insulation, provides a water resistant membrane and vapour barrier, is not susceptible to rodent infestation, does not emit odours or hazardous chemicals, and reflects 97% of radiant heat - OR Batts,


      This product is used as a vapour barrier as roofs do get a fraction of condensation. This Sarking is a heavy duty quality product that you can walk on.

      Speak to our residential roofing experts about your roof today. Call us now on 1300 854 831 .

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