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    As an asbestos roof increases in age, so does the risk of deterioration and the release of asbestos particles into the surrounding environment. Now, more homeowners are having their asbestos roofs, replaced with steel Zincalume or Colorband.

    It is now law that the removal and handling of asbestos products must be carried out by approved licence holders. Over The Top Roofing holds Licences to Perform Asbestos Removal for all our workers. As of the 1st of July 2006, the laws applying to the safe removal of asbestos products have changed. A brief outlining of these changes is as follows:

    • Spraying of PVA glue onto the surface of the roof prior to removing to contain dust.
    • Vacuuming of the internal cavity ceiling and rafters (removal of dust).
    • Spraying PVA glue to seal the surface of the interior ceiling after vacuuming (to seal any loose fibres).
    • Registration of the asbestos removal and disposal as required by legislation.
    • Asbestos to be removed in a double wrapped 200 UM bin.
    • Full use of safety clothing and use of approved face masks for asbestos removal.

    It is vitally important that you have an accredited asbestos removal company to dispose of your asbestos roof quickly and safely. With all necessary licences, safety equipment, professionalism, efficiency and a competitive price, Over The Top Roofing is the specialist in commercial and private asbestos removal and re-roofing.


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